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Pundit Dog

English football predictor


Pundit Dog is an English football prediction game. Play against my predictions, TV pundits and members of your group.

Choose seven predictions a week.

Includes Premier League, 6 English team European matches and optional EFL Championship teams.

No cash or credit cards.
No bookmaker links or ads.

How to Play

Pundit Dog

English football predictor

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Login with a code sent to your phone for all features.
Only seven+ required per week.
Scoreboards are based on averages.

Fixture scoring
Exact score 100 points
Correct margin 80
Margin 1 out 60
Correct result only 40 points
Wrong result, 1 digit OK 10 points

Scoreboards are weekly, last 30 days, last 90 days and last 150 days.

Minimum submissions required
Weekly board:
2 by Wednesday or 7 by Saturday
TBC means To be confirmed/pending

30 day board: 25 submissions.
90 day board: 75 submissions.
150 day board: 125 submissions.

Register by phone/SMS to get a weekly fixture list/reminder on Saturday mornings at 9AM.